Free Lesson Plans and Classroom Activities for Colonial America for the 13 Colonies, 5th and 8th grade, can be adjusted, for Teachers Illustration

The 13 Colonies for Teachers

Free Use Lesson Plans and Classroom Activities for Colonial America

These free lesson plans were designed for 5th and 8th grade, and can be adjusted for any grade.

1629 - The Salem Witch Trials Lesson Plan and Activities (Donn)

Build a Colony Activity - Do this activity, then compare it to the real thing - Jamestown and Roanoke (How well did they prepare?)

Geography and Its Impact on Colonial Life

Development of the 13 Colonies

The Mayflower Compact

Colonial Government - Foundations of Self-Government lesson plan

The 13 colonies, 16 lesson plans, Core Knowledge, free download

Living in Colonial America, Core Knowledge, free download

Succeeding in the New World - Lesson Activities

8th grade, Colonizing America

Lesson Plan, 13 colonies

Fearless and Faithful, the Atlantic Crossing and arrival, lesson plan and activities

Everything was up to date in 1628, lesson plan and activities

The Original 13 Colonies and 3 Regions, lesson plan, activities

New Spain, New France, explorers, setting up colonies

The French and Indian Wars (Donn)

Thanksgiving - Then and Now (Donn) and free printout

The 13 Colonies (

The History of Colonial American, cartoon video lesson, Ted-Ed

The 13 Colonies Activities - many, handouts

13 Colonies UNIT, planning guide, free from TPT

13 Colonies Map Pack, can be edited, free from TPT

Back in the Day: Colonial Classroom, games to play in the classroom

Colonial Resource Library - Long list of lesson plans and long list of short educational videos - This site is moving in the mid 2023. If you can't find it at this link, we hope you'll Google it because it is wonderful. You can set up a free account under Username: CWedresources and Password under resources4teachers, as posted on their site.

Causes and the American Revolution

American Revolution Mr. Donn's Unit (several lesson plans)

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All about the 13 Colonies